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Delving into the World of Modest Fashion

Posted on Monday, 31 October 16 by Cassandra Lim

Growing up in a typical Chinese family, I found myself very lost when I was introduced to modest fashion. As someone who loves fashion, I am always flipping through fashion magazines and scrolling through fashion blogs and watching runways. I even took a fashion module whilst I was in school as a business student. But the idea of modest fashion was still fairly foreign to me, comparable to a series of incomprehensible math formula.

Coming from a Catholic school, I didn’t have a lot of encounters with people of different racial and religious background until I graduated. Though it still pretty much remained the same when I was in Polytechnic. Sure, I do encounters with people from different walks of life while I was working part-time but that was just a hair breath of merely several seconds. The number of Malay or Indian friends I had could be counted with the fingers on my hands. An insignificant number that was almost close to none.

When I first started at RoseValley, I was in disarray. I did not know that there were different types of headscarves, like instant or bawal. I just assumed they were ALL square scarves. I even thought that modest wear were actually traditional baju kurungs.

It wasn’t just limited to that though. I wasn’t familiar with many other things, even Malay celebrities, since CelebFest Year End Sale Edition 2016 is coming up.

But the biggest misconception I had about modest fashion is its association with Muslims and Malays and I believe I am not the only out there with this misconception.

Thanks to the kind people I got to know from RoseValley, it cleared up many of these misconceptions that I had.

Modest fashion is for EVERYONE and ANYONE. Just like haute couture or high street fashion, modest fashion is for anyone who wants to wear it.

You don’t have to be a Muslim to dress modestly. You don’t necessarily have to don a headscarf to indulge in modest fashion. You can be as fashionable as you want in modest wear, it doesn’t mean old-school gingham skirts and shapeless tops.

It’s a lot more than that.

People have different views and ideas on what really is considered modest to them. It may be a preference to some, something that they think that they want or how comfortable they are with showing skin.

I recall something my friend had asked me a few years back and she asked the group of friends we hung with if it would be strange if she started wearing headscarves. And ever since then, she was seen in headscarves whenever she was out and there was a difference in the way she dressed.

No longer was she seen in short sleeves or shorts but always looking prim and fashionable in flowy tops and lengthy pants or skirts.

I guess one thing about modest fashion is that you don’t need flashes of skin to look fashionable or to make a statement. Personal styles are showed off through each individual adding a personal touch to their outfit is what really defines fashion.

Cassandra Lim

Cassandra Lim

RoseValley Intern


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